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Here’s that column I mentioned.



What is this show? How do I watch it?

Just discovered this AMAZING YouTube series, "Tom Explores Los Angeles." 

Getting educated about the local history of this city? Details about the architecture and buildings? Secret places that you have to sneak into? Free places that are just out there to go check out and explore? YESSSSSSS. YES TO ALL OF THIS.

I kinda wanted to do something like this about LA with comics. Still might. But ahhhhh… this video series is just wonderful. 

I want this in the form of a greeting card that I can SEND OMENS OF DOOM UPON MINE ENEMIES

Ask and you shall recieve: 

Cassowary ACEO Card
Brianne of Tarth ACEO Card


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

I’m going to make come ACEO cards. What should I draw?