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Last week. :P

(I would REALLY love to be able to afford Krav Maga classes again. Fuck.) 

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You didn’t *need* the photo for this. Giving him your email and name was a bad idea. Your “friends” should’ve stepped in as soon as this creep put his arm on you! They should know how you feel about strangers creeping on you and not make comments about how you’re “popular with the guys”. That creep needed a kick to the balls, not a photo with you. >:(

I recommend you get a “throwaway” email address on hotmail or something that doesn’t use your name, (ie: LAgirl123) that you can use in situations like this. Plus, use a fake name like “Monica” or something in the club. If someone INSISTS on a phone number, have a delivery place number memorized. (but NOT one close to where you live!!)

Ugh, what a sleazeball. “That’s a stripper name” Who says things like that?

To add on to what Cholma said: you can use Mailinator for stuff like that. You don’t even need to set up an account first. It’s meant as an antispam thing but it’s usable for any situation where you need a throwaway email address. Just make up a something@mailinator.com address and check it later, then never check it again. Since anybody can check any mailinator inbox you wouldn’t want to use it for anything actually confidential, of course, but to give to some guy you never want to have contact with again? Absolutely.

Bringing your knee up really quick would get him to skeez off…even if you didn’t connect! It would give him the message. Of course, this is where friends are helpful too. While I adore your comics, and always have, this sucks harder than a newborn baby. >.<

While they would have if I had asked them to, I didn’t want my friends to step in and help. I wanted the guy to leave me alone. It’s not my friends job to stop him. We tried avoiding him, and not making eye-contact. We tried not being responsive to him at all. The creep didn’t didn’t care that I was clearly with them, wanted nothing to do with him, and kept invading my space.

At that point if any of my friends had stepped in, it would have either escalated to something violent, or he would have started sexually harassing my friends. Which I also didn’t want because that’s just dangerous, and the opposite of  ”I just wanted to dance, damnit.” 

Essentially, the moment this person grabbed me to take my picture, the night was ruined. Even if he had left me alone after that, I would have been constantly looking over my shoulder. My dancing would have been stifled because I wouldn’t want to attract anymore unwanted attention.  

The first rule of self-defense, while frustrating, is to get away from the situation if you can. You only escalate it if you don’t have any other options.  

And while I know I shouldn’t have given my email, I was pretty confident this person wasn’t going to try and contact me that way. (He hasn’t.) Email is almost like snail-mail at this point when it comes to communication.  Also, he TOOK MY PICTURE without permission. Fuck that. I wanted it back, and demanding I get a copy of it at least made me feel I some agency over my own damn image.

Last week. :P

(I would REALLY love to be able to afford Krav Maga classes again. Fuck.) 

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Here’s that column I mentioned.



What is this show? How do I watch it?

Just discovered this AMAZING YouTube series, "Tom Explores Los Angeles." 

Getting educated about the local history of this city? Details about the architecture and buildings? Secret places that you have to sneak into? Free places that are just out there to go check out and explore? YESSSSSSS. YES TO ALL OF THIS.

I kinda wanted to do something like this about LA with comics. Still might. But ahhhhh… this video series is just wonderful. 

I want this in the form of a greeting card that I can SEND OMENS OF DOOM UPON MINE ENEMIES

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