Did my first for real Crossfit WOD today. My arms and hands kinda feel like jello. 

I made it a point to actually try and do “prescribed” weights, or at least more than my brain thought I could do for these workouts. I used the real 35lbs bar for the Split Jerks (hard!) instead the baby 15lbs.

And for the “Metcon” (wtf at these names), I did at least one set of 15 Snatch Deadlifts at 80lbs… then 70… then 65… because otherwise I would have been there all day. Oddly, I got faster every 400m run, so I wasn’t too far behind everyone else in the class. Finished at 21mins. 

My Yelp deal for this gym runs out in 2 weeks, so I’ll probably find another box to go that’s cheaper (and where I can take fighting classes!). I’m going to need to sell quite a bit of extra art work every month if I want to keep this up. I’m gonna look like Korra, y’all. 

And off to do my daily 5k walk because I’m kinda nuts that way…. 

  1. wokone said: Go Star! Kick ass!
  2. identityborrower said: Is crossfit the one that has an exercise where you basically make yourself into a human catapault?
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